Yep, that’s her new title.

Taking her first foray into the private sector, Amy started her new full time job this morning at an executive search firm right in downtown Anchorage. Funny thing was, she hadn’t exactly applied there.

She’d sent her resume up a few weeks ago, and when we got to Alaska, she went for an interview. The company was so impressed with Amy’s skills and personality, that instead of trying to farm her out to another employer, they offered her a job!

The pay is quite good, and more importantly, she really likes the job. Her duties revolve around researching potential candidates for employers- doing background checks, calling references, researching stated degrees and past employment, and then writing final profiles that will be passed on to the clients, who are the potential employers. Amy likes her new coworkers and she is thrilled about working in a highly professional company work environment. (Read: No more school district politics.)

She’ll continue to work Saturdays and some Sundays at The Sport Shop, at least through the fall. Gotta get those pro deals, right!

Now if we could only find a place to live- we’re still crashing in Eric’s basement and existing with the minimal amount of clothing and personal items.