As we’re finding, mountain biking in Alaska is a little different than it is in Colorado. For one thing, the main obstacles are not jagged rocks and sand, they’re puddles and wet tree roots that crisscross many of the trails. Hitting a wet rood the wrong way can send you down pretty quickly as Amy quickly discovered, as can wet leaves on the paved bike trail, as Dan found out, quite painfully. Both of us are now sporting large bruises on our hips- Dan left side, Amy right.

Last week, Eric led us on a couple of mountain bike tours around the Anchorage trails. Many good ones lie in the forests right in the city limits, and even more just in the parks at the edge of town. With fall in full swing here, the scenery is beautiful, and the hillsides are covered with changing aspens. As of right now, it’s even still light until about 8:30pm, which gives enough to ride after work, although with each passing week, the sunlight hours will diminish.

On our way back to Eric’s house after the first day, we saw a big mama moose and her two youngsters foraging in the woods about thirty feet off the bike path. So far that brings our moose count up to 4.

Except for yesterday, it has rained at least some ever day that we’ve been here, but that hasn’t stopped us from running or biking when we feel like it. We’ve seen actual sun and blue sky a few times, and a couple of really gorgeous sunsets.