The other night, Dan took part in a game of Bicycle Polo with some of Eric’s friends. Played down on the Park Strip at sunset on Friday evenings after work in the fall, essentially, Bicycle Polo is just like real polo. Ok, so it’s not exactly like regular polo, because regular polo doesn’t involve Wiffle™ bats, a Wiffle™ ball, or pedaling your bike, (cruisers and fat tire bikes preferred) in low gear like crazy across a wet field while trying to avoid (or cause) collisions with other players who may or may not actually have control of the ball.

Of course, “control of the ball” really just means whoever is closest to hitting the ball as it rolls near or under their bike, which is not always very easy, especially to a Bike Polo novice like Dan. You quickly find out why plastic Wiffle™ bats make much more sense than wooden mallets after you bash your bike, yourself or other players with the bat as you ride around the field frantically with one hand.

The only real rule, is that you cannot hit the ball unless you’re on your bike with both feet on the pedals. After all, it’s Bicycle Polo, not Standing On or Next to Your Bike Polo.

The final score? Let’s just say that the team that Dan was on got schooled. Big Time.