12-degrees in Anchorage this morning, with an icy fog that hung over the city. Perfect conditions for a couple hours of exercise/playtime/adventure before Amy had to go work at The Sport Shop. We suited up, donning wind pants, balaclavas, and enough layers to keep us warm for an hour-long run, which we followed with an hour-long bike ride.

The air temperature was so cold, especially during the run, that any exposed pieces of hair, whisker and even those tiny little hairs on your face that you can’t even see, became covered in white rhyme ice. We saw a number of other people out on the trail walking and running, and everyone had the same look; like we were all some kind of strange ice creatures.

We finished running at about 9:00 AM, just as the sun was rising above the Chugach mountains to the east. The fog began to burn off as we headed out on our bikes, which was an even colder experience, because canvas, mesh cycling shoes, even with thick wool socks, offer absolutely no cover from the icy wind. Our feet were cold within minutes, and began to freeze after we ride through a long icy slush puddle that splattered ice all over the tops of our shoes.

They were uncomfortably cold by the time we turned around to head home, and by the time we were finished, they had that painful freeze that hurts with stabbing pain when you warm them up. Amy’s feet were worse, since they had a thicker coating of ice. In fact, her shoes were literally encased in solid ice to the point that it impossible for her to untie her laces. We need to figure out better shoes for winter bike riding. More on that later.

All in all, it was very enjoyable way for us to spend the morning together. Ain’t married life great?