Question: How long can do we have to be in Alaska before we have our first Sarah Palin sighting?

Answer: Five months.

Question: Where did this alleged Palin sighting happen?

Answer: Where else, at a snowmobile race.

Question: What were we doing at a snowmobile event?

Answer: Dan shot the event for one of his clients. Imagine his excitement when he saw Madame Governor, that wonderous woman from Wasilla with his very own eyes!

Sarah Palin at the 2009 Iron Dog Race

Sarah Palin at the 2009 Iron Dog Race

What else is new here in Alaska? Well, the sun is coming back. At a rate of 11 min per day, the days are indeed getting longer and it is now still light out when Amy leaves work at 5:30pm. Before long, it will be light when she leaves for work in the morning, and then summer right around the corner! She’s still such the trooper, running to work in the cold dark most days along snowy trails, occasionally being forced to take moose detours.

Dan is progressing with his flight lessons, having soloed last month, he is looking forward to his first cross country flights. When not studying his aviation book, he is working hard to market his photos and pick up new clients.

We managed to get out and ski a bit together a couple of weeks ago, and after talking about some of the awesome ski touring that this area has to offer, we went out and bought some metal edge backcountry touring setups. We’re looking forward to getting out for some kick and glide in the Chugach Mountains this winter and spring.

Of course we’re eagerly watching Mt. Redoubt, waiting to see if it’s going to blow. Actually, at this point, the hoopla has pretty much died down. Everyone has their masks, but since it still hasn’t erupted, we’ve kind of moved on. That is, until it finally does blow it’s top, in which case, it will be a terrible mess around Anchorage if the wind blows the ash cloud this way. If that happens, you’ll all hear about it on the national news, so just keep glued to your TV sets and stay tuned.

The weather? After that frigid cold snap last month, we had 50-degrees and rain, which caused lots of flooding. All the local schools were closed on account of it being too warm in the middle of winter. In fact, it was warmer here than it was in Arkansas. However, the cold came back and everything quickly got back to normal.

We’re still hanging tough and on the back end of winter now, with just a few weeks left until spring, although the snow will hang around for awhile. Looking forward to longer days and more fun outside!