Well, we officially made it through our first winter in  Alaska, and over the weekend we were rewarded with near zero temperatures followed by a snowstorm that left us with about five inches of fresh powder. We know that Spring is slowly springing, though, because the pavement has been growing all over town. Of course with dwindling snow cover on main streets and parking lots also comes slush, so, while Dan took his truck out of four wheel drive for the first time in months, he put the fenders back onto his bike in preparation for some wet riding around town during the next few weeks.

On the first day of Spring, we saw our first bald eagle. The bird’s magnificent shape was unmistakable as it flapped its wings and landed right on top of a church steeple. It must have left Fort Collins a few weeks ago- Ryan, just how long to bird migrations take? We look forward to seeing many more around Alaska during the next few months.

One popular place for bald eagle watching is the Eagle River valley, which lies just north of Anchorage. Last weekend, we skied a few miles up the frozen Eagle River, which is a classic Alaskan backcountry river full of wide, shallow braids and gravel bars, and lined by some of the taller peaks of the Chugach Mountains. The area is full of wildlife in the summertime, and in fact, is the site of the Eagle River Nature Center. skierThis area is beautiful and will be a wonderful place to explore even further when summer comes.

Our skate ski/trail running partnership continues to prosper, as this past Saturday, we went out for 4 hours, and over 20 miles, as we skied from the house and made a big loop of the trials around Campbell Airstrip and Hillside Park. Amy’s running ability has certainly recovered with great improvement since her injury two years ago and she feels confident about her training progress for the Crab Festival Marathon on Kodiak Island in two months.

On the bummer side, we have to move again. The woman who owns the house we’re currently living in sold it six weeks after we moved in and after telling us that she had taken it off the market. So, the two of us found a really nice apartment right downtown in an area called Bootleggers Cove, one block away from the water and about two blocks from the start of the coastal trail. It will be cool, urban living for the summer and our good renter karma has finally paid off, because our landlady seems like a super nice woman who gave us both a hug when we signed our lease. It’s a really cool location and we’ll be within walking distance to all the downtown attractions, a 10 minute walk to Amy’s office and living by ourselves like proper married folk. Not to say that we don’t still like Eric, and we’ll certainly miss his company… sometimes. 😉

Of course, this means that we will be spending our first anniversary weekend moving. Bah.
Stay tuned!