Having had to move again, we are now in our 5th address in 7 months. (Wood Street, Eric’s basement, E Street, Crestwood Street, and now O Street.) Remaining friends, our trio dissolved we moved without Eric into our cool new apartment downtown. Unfortunately, in the shuffle of moving, Dan lost all of his pants. He swears that he remembers packing them when we moved from E street, but aside from one pair of jeans and his mountain pants that he wore through most of the winter while living at Crestwood, he can’t find any of his other pants. It’s simply a mystery, because it’s not like we could have left anything at the last place, and of all things, why just his pants? Some of those pants were pairs that he had worn for many years, so it will be a sad grieving process.

Anyway, our new place is great. With huge windows on the East and South walls, the sunlight streams inside the apartment all day long. In fact, it’s almost too bright, and Dan has to keep one set of blinds closed since sunglesses don’t work so well when you’re trying to look at what’s on your computer monitor. 732-view Sampa likes the place as well, and she spends hours each day basking in the sunlight atop her kitty tower. Looking off of our deck, we can see the Cook Inlet and watch the jets take off from Anchorage airport. And being sandwiched right between the departure airspaces of Merrill Field and Lake Hood, there will be plenty of small airplane traffic flying overhead everyday.

Back to the sun. It sets at 9:00PM tonight, although by the time you read this, it could be setting well past that, since we keep gaining almost 6 minutes of light each day. Summer is definitely on the way! At least in theory anyway, since there is still snow everywhere and it was 16-degrees when Amy began her 5 minute trek to work this morning.

Amy’s marathon training is coming right along, and this past Saturday, we did our third long run/skate ski together, this time 4 1/2 hours and about 22 miles. Leaving our apartment, we walked about 4 blocks, got on the coastal trail and then went all the way to Kinkaid Park and back. It will be interesting for her to start doing some running on the road, since all of her training has been on snow and ice while wearing heavy trail shoes and those little shoe spikeys. We bought our tickets to beautiful Kodiak Island and are excited to go down there for a fun filled Memorial Day weekend.

snow-trio1We have another adventure planned for next week. We’re going with Eric, Julie and Eric’s friend Dan O on a four day traverse of the Eklutna Glacier, otherwise known as the Eklutna Traverse. To give you an idea of what we’ll be doing, here is a trip report from one of Eric’s friends who did it a few years ago.

In preparation for this really cool Alaskan big glacier adventure, we went out with Eric and Julie yesterday to practice glacier rope techniques. Neither Amy nor Julie have ever done anything like this before, so we ran over the skills of how to rope up for glacier skiing and do crevasse rescue. Not that we plan for anyone to fall into one but the thing about glaciers is that they all seem to have those pesky crevasses on them. Some more than others. Of course we’ll be very careful and all that stuff, and are excited about having a few days in the big mountains.


In addition to beign good experience to practice with the ropes and gear, it was great to get out on a very sunny Sunday afternoon and play in the mountains. Again, it was a bit strange to have the sun be so high in the sky so late in the day, but it gets us excited about thinking about all the outdoor fun to be had outside after work in the summer. Ideally, we could leave the house at 6:00PM when Amy gets home from work, go up and hike or bike for a few hours, get back at midnight (with it still being light) and still get 7 hours of sleep.


Mt. Redoubt keeps spitting out big plumes of ash every week, and in fact, one morning, we had a dusting of fine gray ash in town. You could see it on car windshields and the snow. Overall, we’ve been pretty lucky because it could have been much worse, and it still can I suppose.

In other Alaska news, apparently, the bears have been waking up early, and a couple of them have been wandering around on the trails and chasing skiers. One fellow even got chased up a tree by one particular grumpy black bear who has been causing trouble and eating trash in the Hillside area of town. Living in close proximity to bears is a fact of life here, and generally the two species try to leave each other alone. However, when a particular bear becomes too used to humans and starts causing problems, it usually ends up getting shot by the Fish and Game Dept.

And finally, we discover that good old uncle Ted Stevens was innocent all along. Who would have thought? And of course, the Palin Family Saga continues with the whole family mad at baby daddy, Levi Johnston, after he went on the Tyra Banks show, and with Sarah Palin’s sister in law getting arrested for burglary.

It’s better than TV.